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The Story – My first computer was a well-used piece of junk that unceremoniously died one day, forcing me to attempt a surgical reinstallation of the operating system. In the process (how hard could it be?) I managed to delete the entire hard drive, then couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t boot back up. I vowed to never again look under the hood of a technology device.

Until one day a few years later, while working in the backwaters of Papua New Guinea, I got so desperate to check my email that I cautiously copied the settings of a computer that was online and Voila! email started downloading. Through that experience it became clear that technology—when made to work for us and not against us—is one of the most powerful tools in everyone’s toolkit.

Over time, it became clear that other essential tools should be in everyone’s toolkit, especially the ability to think strategically and the ability to work effectively. But as helpful as these things are, I also found them to be meaningless until the dawn of spiritual life and the most life-changing realization ever:

What if God exists, the Bible is true, and He doesn't like religion anymore than I do?

If you’ve ever wondered what Jesus actually taught, why the religious people of his day hated him, and why he was known as a “friend of sinners” who was loved by people with exceptionally checkered pasts, you really want to check out this video series: brandnewseries.org

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