On Writing Less, More

On Writing Less, More

Even small optimizations make the process more sustainable.

The degree of friction in a given process has a significant impact on how long it can be sustained. Processes that are complicated will, understandably, consume more resources to sustain over time. This is particularly true for activities that are intrinsically rife with friction—like writing.

For some of us, writing is time-consuming and challenging. So it follows that, in order to sustain writing over time, the process of writing (and publishing) should be optimized. Even a small reduction of friction in the writing process may yield significant benefit in terms of endurance and ability to develop and maintain good writing habits.

This writing project (the Aura Strategic website) has languished this past year for a number of reasons, including the complicated publishing process. I realized that I needed to be more consistent, which requires writing less content, more frequently. For that to happen, I intend to start practicing “free writing” (writing rapidly on a set topic without concern for format, style, or even quality of the content) and refining some of those topics into posts on this site.

I also realized that I needed to squeeze out as much of the overhead as possible in the publishing process. To that end, I have switched from publishing via Amazon S3 buckets and have started using GitHub (to store the Jekyll-rendered static website) and Netlify to serve the site.